Fundraising Ideas For Cub Scouts

Fundraising Ideas For Cub Scouts

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The Cub Scouts is the organization for younger boys ages 7 to 10 and their parents. This pack of young boys learns leadership, self-reliance, and trust as they build friendships and tackle challenges together. There are many opportunities for fundraising within this program. Here are some ideas for you to get started.
Most packs have an annual meeting with the cub scout leaders from each den meeting together at one place with the parents of each boy. You can use this event as a perfect opportunity to raise funds for your group’s activities or projects, especially if the event is organized at a hotel or convention center, which charges extra money for overnight stays by units. If there is no such function, you can always organize one on your own by inviting other cub scout leaders and liaising with hotels to give them special rates or discounts as incentives so that they will accommodate all units staying in the premises during that time period.

Run a cookie sale or bake sale

The cost of buying cookies from a bakery can be quite high, especially when you are not limited by the number of cookies that you can make. You can run a cookie sale to raise money for your pack’s trip to camp or other activities.
You can also sell cookies at the annual meeting or during any events where there is extra money left over after expenses are paid off and the last dues have been collected.
There are many ways that you could run a cookie sale, but these are two of the most popular:
1) You can give out samples of different kinds of cookies to everybody who comes and then ask them to buy their favorite kind of cookie. This way, they will be able to try out all the different types of cookies and find a favorite before making their purchase.
2) For more people-friendly options, you could also offer one-time deals such as 10 free cookies with purchase or 50% off on every single cookie ordered.

Run a craft or game night fundraiser

This is a great option for parents who want to contribute financially but don’t have time to volunteer. You can ask your child’s friends if they would like to participate by running a scavenger hunt, trivia game, or other game night event. The winners of the game will all get prizes and the rest of the participants will get goodies as well.

Plan an outing to the zoo or park for fundraising

The zoo and parks are always great places to go as they have lots of animals, trees, plants, and other natural attractions to see. These places also allow you to have a picnic or barbeque with your fellow cub scout units. This is a perfect opportunity for fundraising at the same time.

Organize a car wash fundraiser for your pack

Every pack has a designated car wash day. You can use this opportunity to raise money for your pack by inviting other cub scout leaders in your area and organizing a car wash fundraiser with them. The funds raised can be used for various things: buying new uniforms for the boys, printing flyers about upcoming events, or funding an upcoming project.
There are many other ways to raise funds for your pack. For example, you can hold a food drive which is something that is done by many packs during the month of December. The amount of food collected is tallied at the end of the month, and all those who participated are rewarded with a gift card or cash. Another option would be to organize a raffle. A simple idea would be to have one person from each pack draw out of a hat, then all those who brought something that was donated will win it—especially if they find something valuable like a signed baseball!

Hold an auction for all of your packs fundraisers. This is usually done at the end of the year to account for expenses and boost funds in the following year.

You can also hold an auction for your cub scout pack’s treasured items, such as their camp gear that they used during their summer camps, at their annual meeting.
Another option is to host a yard sale or a flea market event where the scouts sell the items they no longer need or want. If you don’t have anything specific in mind, you might make it into a treasure hunt by giving them clues and letting them find objects to sell for a certain amount of money. You can also use this event to raise funds for other groups within your pack.
If you prefer not to do this type of fundraising during the year, you might plan on doing it during the first month of each new year so that people will know they should be contributing in January instead of waiting until February when your latest fund raiser would be held.

Host a movie night fundraiser

Another fun way to raise funds for your cub scout pack is to host a family movie night. This opportunity is perfect for fundraisers because it’s free and everyone can attend. If your group doesn’t have many resources, you can use this opportunity to sell popcorn or other concessions that will help cover the cost of the rental fee of the movies.
This event also gives members of your pack a chance to hang out with their friends and parents and enjoy a night of entertainment without feeling like they’re missing out on anything else.
To get started with this fundraising idea, plan ahead by choosing some popular family-friendly movies that will appeal to the target audience in your area.


Cub Scouts is a great way to introduce your child to a wide variety of activities and hobbies, but it isn’t cheap. Fundraising takes time and effort but can help you get the most out of your scouting experience.

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What is the Cub Scouts?

The Cub Scouts is the youth program for young boys in the United States and Canada. Cub Scouts learn how to work as a team, plan projects, follow directions, and stay healthy and safe. The program is open to boys of all faiths. Most packs have an annual meeting with cub scout leaders from each den meeting together at one place with the parents of each boy. You can use this event as a perfect opportunity to raise funds for your group’s activities or projects, especially if the event is organized at a location with lots of people milling around that can be easily approached by the boys in your pack. There are many fundraising ideas you can use at this meeting: sell cookies, ice cream, or other snacks; sell candy; sell tickets to a play or movie; or hold a raffle drawing for prizes. You can also have a fundraising auction or bazaar where people bring in items they would like to sell and have them sold by auctioneer or bidders. You can also have a bake sale or food stand where people can buy homemade treats or snacks.

You can also start a fund-raising project such as a lemonade stand or sidewalk sale where you collect money for your pack’s activities, or hold a car wash fundraiser where you collect money for your pack’s after-care fund (money for getting the scouts into bed after their activity). You also want to make sure that whatever fundraiser you decide on has health and safety regulations in place such as no glass bottles allowed and no one under the age of 14 allowed to participate.

What are the benefits of being a Cub Scout?

The Cub Scouts is a great organization for younger boys to learn the values of self-reliance, trust, and teamwork while having fun. This pack of boys learns the leadership skills of being a team and setting goals by fundraising for their own pack. There are many opportunities for fundraising within this program.

Here are some ideas for you to get started:

Visit local grocery stores, fast food restaurants, pharmacies, and gas stations to start collecting donations. You can place donation boxes in your neighborhood or at these locations.

Start a lemonade stand or a cook-out with sponsors like Kellogg’s or Sam’s Club. You can invite volunteers from your pack to help you set up and run the event.

Host an online fundraiser through GoFundMe or Raiser’s Edge. You can create a webpage with pictures and information about your group and your group’s cause. Include online donation buttons on your webpage so that people can easily click through and make donations online.

Have a bake sale or other food drive at your local community center or church courtyard. You can invite parents and other members of the community to come and contribute food for the food drive.

Conduct blood drives at local schools or hospitals in your area and collect blood samples from donors in your pack. You can give out tracking cards so that donors can track their blood drives in real time on a computer or mobile device tracker app.

How can you raise money for the Cub Scouts?

There are many opportunities for fundraising within this program. Here are some ideas for you to get started.

1. Start a fundraising event at your local food market, grocery store,or pharmacy. You can have a bake sale, raffle, or even a lemonade stand. Make sure to advertise the event ahead of time so that people know to come.

2. Host a car wash or other vehicle wash fundraiser. Rent out a space or have volunteers wash cars in your parking lot overnight. You can charge a small fee for the service or have it free. Offer prizes or stickers to those who donate the most money.

3. Host a bake sale at your local mall or bookstore. Set up tables in the middle of the mall and advertise that people can buy individual desserts for 50 cents each when they bring their kids to the mall for playtime.

4. Have a barbecue fundraiser at your local park or neighborhood barbeque restaurant. Offer burgers and sides for $1 each and make sure to collect money along with change from everyone who buys something so that there is not any overage from people buying more food than they intended on their credit cards.

5. If you live in an area with snowmobiling clubs, ask if you can put up ice fishing equipment along their parking lot while they are out riding sleds on the hill behind them on snowmobiles and then use the extra money you make from selling fish-in-a-can to buy ice augers to use in your pond after you get through thawing it out as needed during the summer months as you wait for it to freeze over again before going out once again on snowmobiles in late fall after school starts up again because there isn’t any schools nearby this time of year for you to go to like there is back in January when that’s when all those other kids go back to school here though?

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