Cheap Fundraising Ideas For School

Cheap Fundraising Ideas For School

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School can be stressful and challenging. You have so many things going on as a student, and it can feel like there’s never enough time to keep up with everything. That’s where school fundraising comes in! School fundraising can help you bring in some much-needed cash for your school, which will go towards the things that you need the most: new teachers, better facilities, or even just new textbooks. Here are some easy ways to raise money and support your school.

Donate your unwanted items

The most obvious and simplest way to raise money is to donate your unwanted items. You can help clean out your closet or garage, then sell what you don’t need online like on Poshmark or eBay for a profit. The money you earn from selling these items will help your school in many ways.
Your old textbooks are another item that lots of people often get rid of without giving back to their school–and the cash from selling them can help fund new textbooks!

Host a yard sale

Heck, you could even host a garage sale! But if you’re not looking to take the time or effort of having that kind of sale, offer your parents or aunts and uncles the opportunity to sell their old items. Yard sales are such a fun way to raise money for school fundraising, too!

Run a bake sale or food drive

You can run a school fundraiser by simply running a bake sale or food drive. You find a time and place to hold the event, and you advertise it on your school’s website, social media accounts, and through word of mouth. Participants bring in their leftover food donations, which are then collected and either given to the food bank or sold online.

Set up a raffle

School fundraisers are a great way to raise cash for your school. There are so many different ways that you can host a raffle, and they’re relatively easy to set up. A raffle is just a drawing in which people have the chance to win prizes or gifts. You set up the rules by determining the number of prizes, who will be able to enter, and how often entries will be taken. Now all you need is some simple supplies to make it happen!
The most important part of a raffle is making sure that you collect as much money as possible for your school with as few costs as possible. By finding out what people want as prizes, looking at other organizations hosting similar events, and negotiating with companies for freebies or discounts, you can make sure that your fundraiser stays within budget!

Host a coffee fundraiser

The best way to fundraise is by hosting a coffee fundraiser! This can be done in your school’s cafeteria or any other room. In order to host the event, you’ll need to get permission from the administration first. Now that you have permission, here’s how to make it a success:
– Make your flyer simple and attractive
– Make sure that you have communication lines printed out (even if they are just a phone number)
– Set up an easy donation system. You can choose between giving an automatic $5 donation or making it at least $10 per person
– Give out a variety of snacks and drinks
– Keep things running smoothly by having people sign in and pay before they will actually make their drink
– Have fun!

Create an art auction or craft fair

Art auctions and craft fairs are a great way to raise money for your school. During the event, you can hold auctions and sell handmade items. You could also have a raffle, or if you have the space, you could have an art gallery where people can buy pieces of your work.
There are so many ways to fundraise with this idea! For example, you could create a tube of paint that has all of your school colors and use it as a prize in the auction or raffle. Or maybe you could start a class fundraiser where each student creates an original piece of artwork in exchange for credit toward their tuition or fees.
There are so many different ways to use this fundraising idea for schools.


You can find ways to fundraise for your school without spending a lot of money. These fundraising ideas will help you raise money while doing something else you enjoy.
You can also use these fundraising ideas to make the most of your time, whether you’re in a break and don’t have anything to do or you need to find something to fill your down time!


What are the benefits of school fundraising?

There are so many reasons you’ll want to start a school fundraising campaign! You can raise money to help your school purchase new books, improve the library, or even buy new teachers.

Of course, the benefits of a successful campaign go much further than that—you can build a sense of school unity and community, raise awareness about various school-based issues, and even raise money for charity!

If you want to get started on your fundraising campaign, follow these simple steps:
1. Figure out what you want the money to go towards. Think about what your school needs most—books? teacher pay raises?—and figure out how much you need to raise to reach your goal.
2. Start recruiting members of your school community to help out with the campaign. Ask parents, teachers, and students for their help—they’re likely already passionate about your school, so they’ll be more likely to give generously!
3. Get creative with the fundraiser you choose. Maybe there’s an event at your school that everyone can participate in—a bake sale? a car wash? a dance party?—or maybe you have a big group of supporters who all fundraise together! Whatever you choose, get everyone involved and excited about turning the event into an eventful fundraiser!

How can you start school fundraising?

There are so many ways that you can raise money for your school! Here are some of the ideas you may want to try:

1. Sell some of your old stuff on eBay or another marketplace: You don’t need to get rid of everything—just find some things that you don’t use anymore and put them up for sale! You can also sell things from your family’s garage sale or from your parent’s attic.

2. Start a club or a music group: You can put together an all-student band, put on a play, or even start a video game league! If you put together a great event, everyone in your school will want to be a part of it!

3. Have a bake sale or a food drive: This is probably the most common way to raise money for school—you know exactly how much food you need, and you can choose exactly what to sell! Put out the treats at lunchtime, and all of the students will be lined up at the lunchroom doors waiting for their turn!

4. Do a face painting or balloon art party: If you like to be artistic, there are so many ways that you can raise money for your school by doing face painting or balloon art parties (I personally love these!). You can definitely put these events on at night, so that the students have to walk by and see them on their way home from school.

5. Organize an ice cream feeding: Sometimes all that someone really needs is some comfort food—an ice cream feeding is the perfect way to do just that! Put out as many as possible scoops of ice cream and as many toppings as you can fit on one cone—then let everyone get their ice cream fix!

What are some common methods of school fundraising?

One of the most common school fundraising techniques is selling ‘presents’. These are small gifts, often made by students, that can be given as a fundraiser. They can be anything from a picture frame to a plant to a book. They can also be put up for sale online or at your school’s event.

If you’re looking for something a little more expensive, try selling raffle tickets. These give you the chance to win one of many different prizes. You can create a raffle off yourself or someone else, putting all the tickets into a pot and drawing them out at random to see who wins.

Finally, if you’re really looking to bring in some serious cash, you could try selling concessions. This would mean getting your school to produce and sell food or drink during the school day. This would bring in some much-needed revenue for your school!

Jessica M Morse

Jessica M Morse